Our Surgeons at The Surgery Clinic, LLC provide a wide array of surgical procedures. As General Surgeons we are fully trained to treat a wide variety of illnesses.

BREAST - Breast Cancer is the 2nd leading cancer killer in women. The survival for breast cancer is directly dependent of the stage at diagnosis. The American Cancer Society recommends mammograms and yearly physician exams in all women over the age of 40. We provide breast cancer screening and if a cancer is found, we work with our medical oncology colleagues to provide the latest and most advanced treatments.

SKIN CANCER -  Living in the South you are exposed to high levels of ultraviolet radiation. We would be happy to  evaluate and treat any skin lesion you may find. We can diagnose and treat all forms of skin cancer including melanoma, squamous cell cancers and basal cell cancers. We are also able to treat many "benign" skin lesions such as warts, skin tags, and fatty tumors.

GALLBLADDER - With the advent of laparoscopy we are able to perform your cholecystectomy with minimal pain and scarring. Many times we perform Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery (SILS) where we are able to remove your gallbladder with only a 1 cm. incision. If you are having upper abdominal pain and have not had an utrasound of your gallbladder we are able to evaluate you and do the ultrasound here in our office.

COLON SURGERY - Whether you have diverticular disease or a colon cancer we provide a wide range of surgery for all diseases of the Large Intestine. While many Colon operations require open and larger incisons, we are able to do most of our colon operations with minimally invasive techniques. We perform Laparoscopic Assisted Colostomies, Laparoscopic Assisted Low Anterior Resections, Laparoscopic Assisted Colostomy Reversals, and Laparoscopic Assisted Abdominal Perineal Resections. When indicated we are trained to use the da Vinci robot on some colon procedures.

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